Happy Workers

for employers

We’ve got more than 18 years of experience recruiting and selecting
European workers for the construction and engineering sectors in the Netherlands.
We offer only the best employees. We are happy, when you are happy.

Happy Workers for employers

About us.

“My name is Michel Boerdam and I am the founder of Happy Workers EU Recruiting. I’ve been working over 18 years recruiting and selecting European employees. We focus on finding a suitable job for our people and we will guide them through their stay in the Netherlands. This way we will avoid any problem that can occur during their work in Holland.

My wife Dorota came from Europe to the Netherlands as an employee herself, 17 years ago. That is why so knows exactly what our people need.

The key to our success is keeping both employee and employer happy.
When employees are happy, they will stay for a longer period of time.
The no-show rate is very low and because of that employers can really rely on their employees.

That is our aim, that is our target. To achieve this goal, everybody needs to fulfil their promises towards one another.
It’s important that all parties understand the use of a lasting relationship.”

“We are happy, when you are happy.”