Happy Workers

for employers

We’ve got more than 18 years of experience recruiting and selecting
European workers for the construction and engineering sectors in the Netherlands.
We offer only the best employees. We are happy, when you are happy.

Happy Workers for employers

About us.

“My name is Michel Boerdam and I am the founder of Happy Workers EU Recruiting. I have been recruiting and selecting European workers for construction and engineering in the Netherlands for more than 20 years. We focus on finding suitable jobs for workers and accompany them during their stay in the Netherlands. In this way, we try to solve or prevent every possible problem for them.

We are also specialised in the recruitment of one men company’s. European employees who first gained experience in the Netherlands and now want to build their own business in the Netherlands. They are generally very well motivated but do not always find their way to the market. Because of our two decades of experience in the market and our good name among European skilled workers, we easily come in contact with the right entrepreneurs.

My wife Dorota came 19 years ago from Europe to Holland as a job-seeker. Therefore she knows exactly what our Happy Workers need.

The key to our success is to keep both employer and employees satisfied. When employees are satisfied, they are also happy to commit to an employer. Our primary objective is therefore to make the best possible offer to both parties. As an entrepreneur, you know better than anyone the importance of a long-term working relationship. This is also where our business interests lie.

We would like to get in touch with you to see whether we can be of added value to your business operations.”

“We are happy, when you are happy.”