Happy Workers

for zzp'ers

We’re a recruitment and selection agency for European workers for
the construction and engineering sectors in the Netherlands.
We are happy, when you are happy.

Happy Workers for zzp'ers

“Happy Workers have over 20 years of experience connecting employers and employees. In the past, companies were looking for employees to work on a contract basis in their companies. This has now changed completely.

At the moment, most of the applications our agency receives are for ZZP workers in the Netherlands. Especially because of their experience in the Netherlands and their very good motivation. ZZP workers  are very popular.

Since we have been active in the market for two decades and have a good name, we receive jobs  for ZZP workers on a daily basis. We select the jobs that are looking for ZZP workers for long-term projects.

Are you a ZZP worker and looking for an job or would you like to know what we can do for you in the future? Contact us and let us surprise you with our very steady and well paid projects.

You can call us or reach us through Whats App and email

Our team is ready to make you an offer.

Take a look at the videos of who we are here on the website, so you know who answers the phone. 😉”

“We are happy, when you are happy.”